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Re-drafting the Panama Film Law N. 36 of 2007 for better incentives and benefits (July 28 2010)

The Panama Film Commission has been working since late May of 2010 on re-drafting the current Film Law N.36 of 2007 along with film and audiovisual industry representatives from both the government and private sector. We are working to include better incentives and benefits for both filmmakers and companies interested in donating and sponsoring the film and audiovisual industry, establish less bureaucracy for the entire filmmaking process, as well as restructure the current industry so that there is a fully integrated, one-stop shop for the film and audiovisual industry by centralizing all of the head film and audiovisual offices. Other aspects discussed include the possible formation of a Cinematheque that would rescue, archive and exhibit local film and audiovisual projects, created with the aim of collaborating with organizations such as UNESCO & the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF).
Institutions and associations involved in the changes to the Film Law N.36 of 2007:
Instituto Nacional de Cultura (INAC), Oficina de Cine; Autoridad de Tourismo Panama (ATP); Asociaci�n Cinematogr�fica de Panam� (ASOCINE); Centro de Imagen y Sonido (CIMAS); Autoridad Nacional del Ambiente (ANAM); Grupo Experimental de Cine Universitario (GECU); Universidad de Arte Ganexa (GANEXA); Ministerio de Econom�a y Finanzas (MEF); Ministerio de Comercio e Industria (MICI), Registro Nacional de Cine (Comisi�n F�lmica de Panam�).

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