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Requirements for the Film and Audiovisual Industry National Register

Sworn and notarized declaration expressing the interest of the Producer or Production Company in developing activities related to the audiovisual and cinematographic industry under the Film and Audiovisual Industry National Register. It must contain:

*General info of the Producer and/or Production.

*Details of the Film and/or Audiovisual activity to be filmed in Panama.

*Location of the Company in charge of the production.

*An estimate of the investment to be made in the Republic of Panama.

*Scopes regarding work opportunities for nationals and foreigners.

Attach the following doc**entation:

*Registration form to the Film Industry National Register. With 4 balboas (B/. 4.00) in stamps.

*Copy of the producer's personal identification.

*If it's a National Company: Certificate of Registration of the Company in Panama's Public Register.

*If it's foreign: Certificate of Registration of the company, issued by the Companies Register Office of the origin country, translated, certified and tagged.

*In case of companies where the producer to be registered is not the legal representative, a special power should be granted by the Producing House to the producer or individual person.

*Power granted to a lawyer in case a lawyer's service is used.

*All information should be translated by an official translator and tagged in the country of origin.

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Production companies
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